Career Counselling

Career Counselling

The road towards a successful career demands a comprehensive and constructive course of action based on a students financial status, educational institution preferences, and areas of interest. The methodology to design these constructive plans require its knowledge, career command, and mastery of analysing the available options.

This task of designing your career plan is earmarked to India Education Foundation where all your stratagem is built based on your choices and preferences. Besides this, career counselors from IEF participate in a conversation with the students where the primary motive is to find the key to their queries and doubts. 

Admission Guidance

Admissions Guidance

Enrolled students are advised and guided through available patterns and archetypes of admission procedures throughout the cycle of the domestic, national, and international university/college admissions. Qualified professionals from IEF  are happy to assist the students to carry out a hassle-free process by eliminating possible hindrances. 

Vital knowledge like application procedure, supporting documentation, and educational requirements are kept up-to-date. Nevertheless, admission guides from the IEF step in for eliminating errors from admission applications and bringing them to the front page.

Bank Loan

Bank Loan Assistance

Securing a degree for quality education may require elephantine resources like finances in the form of liquidity, scholarships, grants, or awards. IEF shall assist the enrolees to apply for education loan from verified financial institutions. Moreover, education loans shall include:

 Tuition Fees

 Exams, Laboratory, Library and Hostel Fees

 Equipment, Books, Uniform and Projects

 Travel expenses

 Refundable deposit


Visa Assistance

Apart from essential resources, overseas education requires necessary permissions, permits, and clearances from the respective countries for traveling, residing, studying, and working. Some countries like the United States require a students visa, whereas some countries like Canada require a permit to study. 

Mock interviews from IEF prepares applicants to secure the confidence to face telephonic, video, and face-to-face interviews to attain a visa/study permit.  Efficient and effective assistance will be provided to applicants for preparing candidate documents, conducting customised interview briefing sessions, and mock question interviews to prepare the candidate for the final Visa interview at the consulate.

Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

When the candidate touches the ground of foreign land, IEFs primary priority revolves around comfortable, easy, and a happy residence. Assistance for traveling in terms of transportations shall be provided to the candidate. 

These services include:

−Pick and Drop Services


−Legal Guardianship

−Travel Assistance in the Country


Accomodation Assistance

Assistance in accommodation is a major part of the special services category of the Indian Education Foundation. Undoubtedly, countless accommodation types (based on location, affordability, amenities, and environment) are revealed to the candidate to support their comfort and hygiene. 

In case the candidate faces accommodation-related issues (non-cooperative roommates, inadequate space, or unreasonable behaviour of domestic students) he/she can come forward to choose the accommodation services and assistance provided by IEF.

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