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Our comprehensive career guidance provides an integrated platform for students who want a rewarding educational experience.

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Choosing an ideal career path to embark on is one of the most pivotal decisions of one’s life; each of us is challenged with undergoing this process at some point in our respective journeys.

IEF is well-equipped to assist you through this critical crossroad of your life, as our expert consultants will walk you through the academic criteria and present you with appropriate career options after carefully considering you academic ability, financial standing as well as future career goals. Irrespective of whether you are fresh out of school or looking to acquire a post-graduate degree, IEF has an array of options catering to all possible needs. Our strong team of consultants understands the needs of every aspirant, presenting them with options based on their preferences. Over the past years, thousands of students have benefited after taking council from the expert advisors at IEF.


Our team at IEF consolidates a list of career options based on each student’s financial flexibilities and academic performances, based on which we analyze and investigate all potential career options. Each student has a strong sense of individuality that stems from their opinions and ideas as far as choosing a career path is concerned; IEF helps them achieve those aspirations by applying their interests to the best available options.

In addition to this, IEF assists students who want to apply for graduate and postgraduate programs at well-reputed universities, further recognizing the university best suited to the professional objectives of each individual.

Additionally, we assist students with each chapter of their journey, from planning to collecting all documentation required for the application process. Our qualified and able consultants are here to guide and assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth sailing to materialize your dreams and aspirations.


In order to pursue higher education or secure a degree, access to resources such as liquidated funds, scholarships, grants, or awards serves as an aid to many students. IEF assists all eligible candidates by helping them apply to verified financial institutions. The education loans shall include:

– Tuition Fees
– Exams, Laboratory & Hostel Fees
– Equipment, Books, Uniforms & Projects
– Travel Expenses
– Refundable Deposit



In addition to essential resources, acquiring an education overseas requires permissions, permits, clearances, and valid visas from the respective country of travel in order for international students to be able to reside, work or continue their studies abroad. For instance, the United States of America requires students to have a visa whereas the requirement for Canada is a permit to study.
Our team at IEF has the qualifications and experience to prepare students through each step of the procedure. IEF is equipped to assist applicants with mock interviews which help students to conquer the necessary interviews in order to attain their visas or study permit. In addition to assisting outgoing students with their documents, our team further assists students who are traveling to India from countries abroad. Efficient and effective assistance will be provided to applicants preparing their documents, conducting customized interview briefing sessions, and mock question interviews to prepare them for their final Visa interview at the consulate.


Traveling or living away from home can take some adjusting. At IEF, the primary concern for students traveling away from home to acquire further studies is that they have a comfortable, happy, and smooth transition to their new life.
In order to ensure this happens, we provide the candidates with assistance in terms of transportation. These services include:

– Pick Up & Drop Off services
– Accommodation
– Legal Guardianship
– Travel Assistance in the Country


A primary part of the services offered by The Indian Education Foundation is providing students assistance with an accommodation. The candidate is presented with a number of options for accommodation based on their preferences. These factors include location, affordability, amenities, and a good surrounding environment. Should an occasion arise that leaves the candidate uncomfortable due to noncooperative roommates, inadequate space, misbehavior of domestic students, or any such inconveniences, they have the option to come forward and use the accommodation services and assistance we provide.